CBD Bioavailability. And Why You Should Care.

By Tunji Junard / June 21, 2020

CBD is nature’s way of saying “Aloha” to our bodies. If you haven’t noticed…..it’s popping up everywhere. Our convenience stores are being flooded with CBD drinks, lotions, and chapsticks. For most people, CBD is most readily equated with pain relief and anxiety. That’s one side of the equations but the other side of the equation is how much CBD your body actually absorbs when you use a CBD infused product. That, my dear friend, is called Bioavailability!

What is Bioavailability:

Every product of CBD that is available for purchase comes with a certain concentration of Cannabidiol molecules. Obviously the higher the concentration the stronger the effect of CBD. Be warned though, how much of that CBD gets absorbed and used by your body is a big driver in whether that CBD product will actually deliver recordable results. Bioavailability is about how fast you can deliver those CBD molecules to your bloodstream so that they can do their wonderful inflammation-reducing magic.

Why is Bioavailability Important:

For you to actually get any benefits from CBD you have to optimize two things: The method in which you ingest hemp and the concentration of cannabidiol. Both have to be agreeable with your body, meaning that instead of just looking at how much CBD concentration you are buying you should also factor in how you are going to ingest that high concentration. 

What are the best methods to increase bioavailability:

There are many ways to intake CBD. If you want to know the best way to maximize your use of the hemp plan then you should be considering vaporizing your CBD. This increases bioavailability up to between 36%-43%. Other methods with high bioavailability include taking it sublingually & orally. 

But most importantly of all….

You really have to figure out what works best for you. Everybody’s biochemical makeup is different so things like hemp tend to have unique effects on each of us. Connect with an expert and experiment with your methods and dosages. Document how you feel and any changes you notice. This is truly the best way to maximize your herbal therapeutic practices!



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